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CBSE Biology Sample Paper for Class XI – 2011

Why do you need sample paper? Once you are done with basic exam preparation then you need to concentrate on solving sample papers as it is best way to revise your studies. Follow the time limit mentioned in your paper and test your level of perfection of studies. Solving such papers can also enhance your […]

CBSE Chemistry Sample Paper for Class XI – 2011

Many times you miss out important things while studying from your notes or text books as for any student it is not possible to study every page or word of book. To ensure that you make enough preparation before examination it is important to solve as much sample papers as you can. This can not […]

CBSE Information Technology Sample Paper Class IX – 2011

CBSE information technology sample papers involve complete theory and solving such papers can benefit you by lifting up your speed of writing. This sample paper consists of 40 marks and you need to complete it within two and half hours. Following is the CBSE information technology sample paper for class IX for the year 2011: […]

CBSE Computer Science Sample Paper for Class XI – 2011

Want to score maximum marks in computer science? One of the easy ways to do this is by solving sample papers. Apart from theoretical knowledge practical knowledge can also help you to score better marks. Following is the CBSE Computer Science sample paper for class XI for the year 2011: General Instructions: 1. All Questions […]

CBSE English Sample Paper For Class XI – 2011

Scoring good marks in languages subject is difficult and so to improve your accuracy level you need one thing and that is practice. Practice can be done by solving more number of sample papers. You can mark your speed and amount of time taken to solve each question. By this you can figure out where […]

CBSE English Sample Paper Class X – 2011

Benefits of going through sample papers are many like you can get idea of basic structure of paper and can also know the way of division of marks. CBSE English sample paper for class X 2011 is given below which can assist you in best way to prepare for examination. Good vocabulary is very important […]

CBSE Economics Sample Paper for Class XI – 2011

Do not start solving any sample or exam paper without reading the instructions given on the paper. While solving sample paper read the instructions first in order to get habituated with this method of solving paper. Students tend to forget answers in theory subjects like economics and to sharpen your memorizing skills it is essential […]

CBSE Science Sample Paper for Class X – 2011

Many students lack behind in Science because of lesser practice and lack of interest. Science is the subject which if you try to understand more, more you will like it. So start solving sample paper as per time limit and once you are done with it then try to mark out if any difficulties faced […]

CBSE Mathematics Sample Paper Class IX – 2011

Mathematics is all about practice, the more you practice the more you reach towards perfect. CBSE Mathematics sample papers for class IX are drafted in such a way that it cover maximums syllabus and complete pattern of marks. By solving such papers students can get clear idea about difficulty level of sums and the amount […]

CBSE Mathematics Sample Paper for Class XI – 2011

It is possible to complete 3 hours mathematics paper half an hourly before allotted time but only when you have full fledge practice. Practice can be done by solving as much sample paper as you can and for this you need to be thorough with every topic. Following is the example of CBSE Mathematics sample […]